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Hi, I'm Mike the CEO of The TutorHub. As the parents of three teenagers, my wife and I always found it pretty hard to find the right tutors for our children. It also really bugged us that when we did find a great tutor, they often only received about one third of the hourly fee we paid. It just didn't seem fair. So I decided to set up The TutorHub to provide an open marketplace for both tutors and students to discover, contact, and book to come together to learn/teach.

We've kept it simple so that it's easy to sign up and use for both tutors and students. We handle all of the complex parts of booking, payments, and marketing. There's a simple search function and plenty of filters so you can quickly find what you're looking for, and Tutors are able to set their own rates, and keep the vast majority of what they earn, so it's much fairer for them than a traditional agency. All students/parents can rate their tutors, and this feedback helps others find the right tutor while ensuring that we continue to provide the best tutors, building a real sense of trust and community into it.

If there is anything I can help you with or you have any feedback, please get in touch directly through and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The TutorHub Team


Role: CEO & Founder

Bio: I've worked across a number of industries including finance, importing, property, and travel. I want to use my experience and expertise to assist and support more people to be the best they can by helping them find the right tutor to get them where they want to be. I'm an avid rugby fan and love getting outdoors, especially if there's a good craft beer to be found.

Qualifications & Experience: Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS); Chartered Accountants ANZ (Retired)


Role: CTO


Qualifications & Experience: 18+ Years of Experience in Web and Software Development


Role: Senior Designer


Qualifications & Experience: Bachelor of Media Arts; 20+ Years of Experience as a Designer


Role: Onboarding & Support

BioI have a background in recruitment and account management which brings a wealth of relevant skills to my support role at The TutorHub. I've experienced  both being tutored way back in secondary school (the challenge of maths!) and tutoring; teaching English overseas after completing my university studies to help fund travelling through Europe

Qualifications & Experience: BA in French and Spanish; 10+ Years Experience in Recruitment 

"Thanks Trish for all your help. Really appreciate it." - Eric S.


RoleOnboarding & Support

Bio: I love The TutorHub concept for many reasons, accessibility, affordability, sharing, creating income and simply helping others. In this technological age the enjoyment of a real face to face smile, laugh and connection is sometimes missed. When I'm not 'philosophising', I am out tramping, cycling and finding as many good coffee shops as possible to catch up with people in person.

Qualifications & Experience: 35+ Years of Experience in Sales & Administration

"Very effective communication and super efficient." - Henry A.


Role: Technical Support

Bio: I have a passion for learning and believe that tutoring is one of the most effective ways to do this. Relying purely on word of mouth at university to find a good tutor was always hit and miss, and I believe that the marketplace is a great concept. On the weekend you'll find me walking out to new bakeries and hunkering down with a good comic book.

Qualifications & Experience: BA in Ancient History and Anthropology; BA (Hons) in Ancient History; MLitt in Ancient History

"Thanks Madison - your feedback was prompt and correct - very helpful. Thank you." - Roger H.